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Every girl envisions herself as a princess on her Big Day. Here at Zunn Fashion Studio, we work hard to make your dreams come true. Browse through our list of Bridal dresses and book an appointment either online or at our Studio in Karachi and have your dream bridal and trousseau created only by Zunn.
  • Antique Scrolls


    Top: Carrying Zunn’s signature style, this outfit is in chiffon shaded from light grey to dark grey covered in a heavy spray of fine sequins throughout the shirt. The yoke features a black velvet insert also covered in sequins and the sleeves are in maroon featuring pitha and zardosi work throughout. A long intricately embellished neckline on a maroon appliqué features heavy marori and kundun work in both gold and silver. In a crosshatched pattern across the shirt, zardosi in gold and silver accented with sequins and crystals is embroidered throughout the shirt and resham hand-embroidered black motifs dot the front of the dress all featuring heavily till the beginning of the black velvet hemline which features heavy pitha and zardosi work.

  • Black Forest


    Top: Black silk shirt covered in heavy silver and gold pitha embroidery all accented heavily in crystals and sequins in a baroque pattern throughout the shirt. The hemline features a thin strip of silver zardosi embroidery along with a larger strip of heavy gold work on a black velvet appliqué.

  • Canary Spark


    Top: Canary yellow chiffon shirt covered in gold and silver zardosi work with a long neckline extending downwards towards a large patch of resham embroidered handworked flowers accented with crystals and sequins. This same embroidery is featured on the side panels with panel separators in sequined work. A silver hemline covered in heavy silver pitha and zardosi work accented with sequins and adorned with embellished hanging ornaments.

  • Champagne Royalty


    Top: This gold number features a chiffon shirt covered heavily in floral tilla embroidery embellished with kundun, zardosi, marori accented with sequins and crystals. The sleeves also feature an embroidered armband with a heavy spray of sequins throughout it. The hemline features a gold and a deep red velvet border heavily embellished in zardosi and French knot embroidery with gold ornaments. The back is in black velvet, a color that can be changed according to the customer’s preferences, and is covered in heavy zardosi and marori embroidery as well.

  • Champagnes & Limosuines


    Top: Deep crimson silk front open shirt featuring a velvet yoke covered in heavy silver and gold zardosi, marori and tilla embellishments all accented with crystals and sequins. A heavy hemline includes the heavy embellishment on several strips along with work throughout the shirt with motifs adorning both sides of the front. The entire shirt is covered in a heavy spray of sequins throughout, which can also be seen featured on the back of the dress.

  • Crimson Dreams


    Top: Zunn’s most coveted bridal in deep crimson shaded in the brand’s signature style into rust with a rust colored and a black velvet appliquéd strip on the hemline both front and back. The bodice also features a velvet insert with heavy zardosi embroidery in gold and silver accented with marori, crystals and sequins starting from under the yoke all the way down the shirt. Heavy lines of kamdani dot the shirt with large motifs of dull gold marori and zardosi embroidery above the hemline and silver pitha work also feature on the black hemline along with zardosi embellishments.



    Hand work on Crystal and diamonte.

    Made to order.

    Order processing time 3 to 4 month.

  • Jewel Hues


    Top: This highly coveted dress in the colors of emerald green, teal, indigo, magenta, black and rust feature a multitude of intricate embellishment techniques that include gota, zardosi, marori and crystal work. The neckline features a black yoke with a front middle panel in emerald green covered in heavy zardosi embroidery accented with crystals and rust peepal girah work. The neckline extends to a heavy motif that reaches till the hemline and the rest of the panel is covered in a heavy spray if sequins and crosshatched embroidered patterns. Adjacent panels in indigo, magenta and teal feature gota flowers, long gold and silver pitha and zardosi motifs and sequined flowers with marori stems. The back features the same panels with a heavy motif that begins from under the black yoke insert. The hemline is heavily embellished with zardosi and pitha work on top of a rust appliqué with a purple strip that sets of the multitudes of color used in the dress.

  • Jewel Rush


    Top: Deep crimson silk shirt featuring an intricately embellished range of marori and zardosi work accented with small crystals and sequin work. The neckline features both marori and zardosi in heavy paisley and floral patterns and motifs that flow into a heavily checkered pattern starting from the hips that feature gold and silver zardosi and sequin work alternatively on appliqués of rust,teal and fuschia. The hemline features zardosi embroidery laden with peepal girah work accented with crystals and sequins on a teal appliqué.

  • Magenta Greys


    Top: An unusual mix of grey and deep purple is brought together with chiffon used in the front and tanchoi fabric used at the back with gota, zardosi and marori work accented with crystals and sequins on throughout the dress. The kurta patti of the front open item featured a handmade pearl and stone button adornment that sets this bridal apart from others with a vintage touch.

  • Peach Vision


    Top: Light peach chiffon heavily embellished shirt featuring fine zardosi and marori embroidery. The neckline features a rounded appliqué in shades of pink embellished with sequins and zardosi. The entire shirt is covered in a chevron pattern with pink appliqué featuring silver marori work and dull gold zardosi covered in peepal girah, crystals and sequins. The back also features an interesting cut out back neckline with zardosi work on it with a heavy spray of kamdani all over the back and an embellished hemline.

  • Sapphire Haze


    Top: Deep blue chiffon shirt with a sweetheart neckline covered in kundun and zardosi work. The dress is covered entirely in floral and paisley embroidered tilla work and large motifs and heavy hemlines accent the dress. Zardosi with a mix of kundun and zardosi work accented with sequins and crystals cover the dress entirely in gold and silver embroidery.

  • Watermelon Magic


    Top: Fuchsia chiffon heavily embroidered shirt features black velvet appliqués on the neckline laden in crystal embroidery accented with zardosi and marori embellishments. A heavy spray of sequins cover the dress with a floral pattern in marori throughout the dress and heavy crystal work with resham accents and cutwork on the hemline. The hemline also features a black velvet strip covered in zardosi work accented with crystals and sequins.

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